We don't take pictures, we capture moments.


January 2015

WEEK 3 TECHNOLOGY digital & analogue

digital life
digital life


With the TV migration issue from analogue to digital in Kenya I figured I would dedicated week 3 to this.

Analogue TV signal are more or less omni-directional while Digital TV is unidirectional the clarity and reliability of digital signal out weigh this small disadvantage.

Let us all live in the digital world now.



In telecommunication its all digital signals via micro waves (above).

Below is a contrast of digital and analogue where on one visible buttons can be seen (analogue)

while on the other a series of touches will make the call or navigate through the phone.

week3-6          week3-7


This are part of media that are not likely to be left home.Some call them accessories however the technical term is media converters.

week3-8   week3-9

The ear phone and an OTG cable use a flash drive on your digital phone on the go.Ultimate converters if I were asked.


A bonus picture is a 200 page book with a length of 7 inches

A top it is a hard disk length of 3.5 inches that can hold over 10,000

200 page books.

Digital life is here.

Question is are you ready to make a complete change??

We don’t take pictures we capture moments.

week 2 Water, Greens & Reflections

watching the falls
watching the falls

week2-9  week2-5

Water with its destructive nature.




The Greens.

week2-2   week2-12

We are in week two this was a learning curve on reflections.

The photo journey continues be with us through this process.

We don’t take pictures we capture moments.

week 1 photography project

Construction begins..
Construction begins..



We are a photography agency undertaking a 52 week project.

Week 1 is construction..done and done.

Enjoy the the experience with me as I undertake the journey.

wpid-150111-9.jpg          wpid-150111-2.jpg


We don’t take pictures we capture moments.

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