week 5 (9)

The weeks project was some what random as I had planned to work on an entirely different subject, though I heard a photographer works with what they got this is what I did.You be the judge.

week 5 (6)         week 5 (5)

The weather on this day was well lit so I took advantage.

Taking shots on a moving vehicle high shutter speeds and precision was needed.

week 5 (3)
This was my favorite image testing my editing tools capabilities and skill. I was happy with the result.

week 5 (2)           week 5 (4)

Roads and accessibility are the key factor of development whether curved or not, reaching the destination is what is important.

Wheels appear to have been developed in ancient Sumer in Mesopotamia around 5000 BC which made way to the innovation of road transport.The first roads where used by oxen pulled carts now we have trucks, sports cars, buses etc on the roads with diverse highways and bridges.

Modern roads – Tarmac involved mechanically mixing tar and aggregate prior to lay-down, and then compacting the mixture with a steamroller. The tar was modified by adding small amounts of Portland cement, resin, and pitch for durability.

week 5 (1)

What is the future of road construction? my guess is air transport zero gravity propulsion then again prediction of the future is almost impossible.

On to next weeks project.

We don’t take pictures we capture moments.