week 32 0009

I know the theme is a bit corny but wait for the photos and judge then.

week 32 0012

Sometimes is about feeling the moment I had a pretty awesome time taking these.

week 32 0010

The light was dull I had not worked with such light during any of my project.

After thinking about the light then comes to the shutter speed…..

week 32 0008

…set a low shutter speed you can also open the aperture widest to let in more light….

week 32 0007

play with the ISO when satisfied with the setting after a few test shots next comes the capturing of the images.Hold the camera steady compose on your canvas the view finder and take the shot.

week 32 0020

If you don’t like how the image looks take another,and another, and another until you are content with the image.

week 32 0021

was going for an island look on this shot.

week 32 0016

One monochrome because its all about reading the rule,understanding the rule then breaking the rules harder that everybody else.

week 32 0006

We don’t take pictures we capture moments.