We don't take pictures, we capture moments.


October 2015


week 43 0006

Colour contrast with shadows and highlights.

week 43 0010

week 43 0001

Playing with area of focus.

week 43 0007

Decor of a function.

week 43 0004

week 43 0009

Aerial view of decor at a wedding with contrast as the subject matter.

week 43 0003

week 43 0013

It was a good day for photography every day is.

we don’t take pictures we capture moments.


week 42 0011

The satisfaction of walking in nature and interpreting what you see from your eyes is the greatest feeling of all.Stumble on an ant hill this was a holiday but they didn’t know that they were busy running up and down constructing a new house for themselves.

week 42 0012

There apartments windows.

week 42 0009

Next I turned to my left to look at the beautiful natural scenery.

week 42 0002

Colours perfectly coordinated like a painting.

week 42 0005

I moved to the river to find low water level.

week 42 0007

week 42 0006

Even without colour beauty is still beauty.

week 42 0008

The flow and direction of the river.

week 42 0003week 42 0004

Finally my sky is always blue this is done with a lens technique on the camera I accidentally came across showing movement in still life nature.

That is all for this week.

we don’t take pictures, we capture moments.


This week I want to focus on what we do as nworksinc company.

Below are collages of what we have been up to.


We do product advertising, copy write and branding depending on the client needs and products.

advertising businesses

Business advertising photography for use on display and social sites.


Capturing moments in mini events.


Create profiles for people and companies as well.


social events.nature

Nature photography for wall mounts.

Contact us for awesome creations.

we don’t take pictures we capture moments.

we do product advetising depending on the client wants and needs.


Hello good people.

week 40 0032

This week I went at an event #intameet and had an awesome time taking portraits.

The most photographed house in africa #african heritage

week 40 0015

All in monochrome.

week 40 0013

meet up with other kenyan photographers.

week 40 0026

I have become fond of monochrome the settings on camera must be precise.

week 40 0025

week 40 0024

This came in both colour and mono I could not help but show the actual colour coordination.

week 40 0030

This was unattended.A loaded gun.

week 40 0039

the sun set was amazing

week 40 0038

we don’t take pictures we capture moments.

WEEK 39 – EVENTS Concours d’Elegance 2015

I have had a passion for cars since I was young photographing them is my pleasure.

week 39 0038

week 39 0037

The owner of this alfa romeo was dress to match its colour.

week 39 0014

standing tall with vintage cars.

week 39 0042

a Bentley.

week 39 0017

another alfa romeo.

week 39 0015

An old skul rod.

week 39 0041

week 39 0034

land rover.

week 39 0091

A shot as they were packing there cars to leave.

It was an awesome experience in deed.

We don’t take pictures we capture moment.

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