We don't take pictures, we capture moments.


November 2015

WEEK 47 – Interior Decor

I am not much of an indoor photographer but when the occasion arises I will not back down from a photography challenge.

It was a weekend and the only kit I had was my trusted camera and my kit lens 18-55mm, knowing this I new I had to back up my work with creativity as the main objective.

cascade height 00005

cascade height 00012

cascade height 00001

The bedroom.

cascade height 00014

cascade height 00017

The Kitchen

cascade height 00048 cascade height 00049 cascade height 00050

The Living room another furnished house.

cascade height 00054

cascade height 00057 cascade height 00060

wedon’t take pictures we capture moments.


week 46 00004

I love reflections this week I focus on non cropped images during post processing.

week 46 00008

The beauty of the photograph is within.

week 46 00001

Some monochrome work.

week 46 00002

week 46 00003

Reflections in monochrome.

week 46 00005

week 46 00007

Growth in composition and creativity is inevitable.

we don’t take pictures we capture moments.


week 45 00007

Photography is all about light.Type of light, direction of light, bouncing of light, colour of light and our major light source is the SUN this is who I was working on this week.

The above is rays at sunset.

week 45 00002

More rays at sunset, the light from the sun is being bounced onto the cloud creating the rays.

The clouds act as a natural scrim and I have learned that light (weight) clouds are best for photography.

week 45 00008

week 45 00009

same sunset at different compositions.

week 45 00011

Morning light is also very amazing at the golden hour.

week 45 00001

When the colours are awesome this is what is created.

we don’t take pictures we capture moments.


week 44a 0004

I tend to think perception is what you feel towards a certain subject the your understanding.

week 44a 0006

I perceive beauty in everything especially nature.

week 44a 0007

Found this little guy thinking about his future.Life is too short to be serious all the time.

week 44a 0003

I couldn’t get any closer to the subject are was locked up.I don’t know why beauty should be locked up but that’s not my call.I free beauty through my lenses.

week 44a 0005

week 44a 0008

Caught this guy at lunch time.

week 44a 0010

Bonus image of a smoking hot picture.

we don’t take pictures we capture moments in real time.

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