We don't take pictures, we capture moments.


December 2015

WEEK 51 – Summer

week 50 00007

we have creature of the day.

week 50 00002

Best background.

week 50 00008

Blend of colours.

More bugs downstairs.

week 50 00025some logging action.

week 50 00016

week 50 00015

week 50 00022


My you have a blessed Christmas from my and my team and a photogenic 2016.

we don’t take pictures, we capture moments.


WEEK 50 – cAmera pLay rAndom

This week I had no project in mind but with my camera and some imagination I always have something for my fans.

week49 00006

sun rays caught in the act of piercing the clouds.

week49 00003

The blue clouds.

sn 00031

week49 00005

The escarpment.

week49 00004

week49 00002

And some light painting I love the light in the darkness.

week49 00007week49 00008

Awesome week good people.

we don’t take pictures we capture moments.

WEEK 49 – Some Exterior

week 49 00009

Got a chance to work on a really exciting project for a real estate firm.

week 49 00002

Combining my love for nature and the balcony.

week 49 00018

week 49 00013

Staircases and hallways using angles in composition.week 49 00027

Amazing windows.

week 49 00032

week 49 00025

I enjoy my play.

We don’t take pictures we capture moments.


WEEK 48 – skyFALL

week 48 00011

I have been told pictures of the sky are too common but my skies are always awesome and my camera is always ready.

week 48 00009

Sunset with a touch of cool.

week 48 00004

Lens zoom technique am getting fond of this one.

week 48 00003


week 48 00017

Clarity and finesse.

week 48 00008

week 48 00012

angle shot.

we don’t take pictures we capture moments.

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