We don't take pictures, we capture moments.


January 2016

WEEK 4 -Out in the wild

16_week_4a  0000116_week_4a  00002

My day started simply a walk through the woods. The Light was perfect with awesome scenery and nature all around me.

The weather was calm and lots of butterflies around but I was only able to capture a few.

16_week_4a  00009

#natureisalive I was amazed by how thick this cobweb was just wondering how long it took the little bugger that was not home to make this magnificent work of architecture.

16_week_4a  00011

The skies where blue and the vegetation green.

16_week_4a  00012

The water body gives sufficient soil moisture for the green to pop.This was an awesome site.

16_week_4a  00013


16_week_4a  0002516_week_4a  00023

The green was alive.Healthy plantations.

16_week_4a  00021

It was time to call it a day and I was there to capture the sun going down.

16_week_4a  00029

Yellow and blue this is when the sun went down.


we don’t take pictures we capture moments.

WEEK 3 – eDiting doublE expoSure

16_week_3  00007

Nature is alive.Today’s challenge was different It was all about the pictures I have taken before and merging them to bring out a totally new image.

16_week_3  00001

Editing is part and partial of the photography fraternity but i don’t seem to agree totally you cannot edit a badly taken pictures.But the opposite is possible you can edit an awesome photograph badly and get a fail.

16_week_3  00004


16_week_3  00006

A burning sensation a power a will follow it it will always work.

16_week_3  00005

A wedding on a different perspective.

16_week_3  00003

16_week_3  00002

Trying different techniques on same pictures.

My work this week keep trying make mistakes but most of all learn.

we don’t take pictures we capture moments.


WEEK 2 – Light Painting

16_week_2  00001

The experiment started with a single light source over exposed shot.

16_week_2  00008

That gave birth to a multicoloured bottle of vodka.

16_week_2  00003

Experimenting with red light.

16_week_2  00004

Circling round the bottle.

16_week_2  00005

16_week_2  00006

no colour.

And the final composition was the picture below. Smirnoff is an awesome vodka.

16_week_2  00007

Till next week.

we don’t take pictures we capture moments.

WEEK 1 – Nature is Alive

16_week 1 00004

It is a new year and am still on the photography frontier.

16_week 1 00010

I love nature and photographing it gives me so much bliss.

16_week 1 00007

Sharing my vision to the world.

16_week 1 00022

Flowers with contrasting background colour.

16_week 1 00017


16_week 1 00019

Star shaped flower just before it sprouts to an adult.

16_week 1 00018

we don’t take pictures we capture moments.

WEEK 52 – Finale

Happy New Year good people.

I managed to post project all 2015 and 2016 will not be any different.

week 51 00009I captured the last day of the year 2015.

week 51 00016

steps to sun rise.

week 51 00019

week 51 00023

behind bars.

week 51 00024

then came the amazing blue sky.

week 51 00026

week 51 00028

An awesome way to end 2015.

Blessing and prosperity follow you this year.

we don’t take pictures we capture moments.

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