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My day started simply a walk through the woods. The Light was perfect with awesome scenery and nature all around me.

The weather was calm and lots of butterflies around but I was only able to capture a few.

16_week_4a  00009

#natureisalive I was amazed by how thick this cobweb was just wondering how long it took the little bugger that was not home to make this magnificent work of architecture.

16_week_4a  00011

The skies where blue and the vegetation green.

16_week_4a  00012

The water body gives sufficient soil moisture for the green to pop.This was an awesome site.

16_week_4a  00013


16_week_4a  0002516_week_4a  00023

The green was alive.Healthy plantations.

16_week_4a  00021

It was time to call it a day and I was there to capture the sun going down.

16_week_4a  00029

Yellow and blue this is when the sun went down.


we don’t take pictures we capture moments.