We don't take pictures, we capture moments.


February 2016

WEEK 8 – sunRISE

16_week_8  00012

When the sun is playing hide and seek and you find her peeping.

16_week_8  00011

Right above it this construction site game me ideas on how to work with my friend the sun.

16_week_8  00006

Through the window.

16_week_8  00002

I can this theme Almost made it.

16_week_8  00003

The light is your friend too.

16_week_8  00001

Land scape..

16_week_8  00009

some creative work.

16_week_8  00008

#natureisalive #nworksinc

we don’t take pictures we capture moments.

WEEK 7 – The SKY

16_week_7  00023

Shadows are an important aspect of photography and this time i was playing with them.

16_week_7  00028

Star struck sun.

16_week_7  00015

we love the ground view also.

16_week_7  00012

But not as much as the sky.

16_week_7  00019

16_week_7  00021

Its always a good day for photography.


we don’t take pictures we capture moments.

WEEK 6 – birDING

I got to test out a new lens this week and my subjects where birds.

16_week_6  00056

I have always wanted to take such shots.

16_week_6  00037

16_week_6  00008

This time i got them at close range.

16_week_6  00003

Took one while she was taking off.

16_week_6  00033

call it weaver day.

16_week_6  00059

Time for lunch.

16_week_6  00069

Ready set gooo….

Thank you for the likes.


we don’t take pictures we capture moments.


16_week_5  00005

Taking a walk and I see patterns in a matter of seconds I have saved the scene.

16_week_5  00031

Wild berries I have never noticed how full in colour these delicious fruits are until this moments.


16_week_5  00036

Its all about the light; direction,speed, colour,source and bounce.

A broken pipe gave me this image.

16_week_5  00041

The world/energy/drive within us is larger than life.

16_week_5  00039

#light source and shadows.

16_week_5  00019

Roads with green.

16_week_5  00034

My favorite picture of the day.



we don’t take pictures we capture moments.



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