16_week_9  00008

This weekend I decided to take a walk to #mathioya river #Muranga.

Must admit this area I visited is actually more beautiful that the pictures.

16_week_9  00007

It is very noisy because of the river running down hill facing obstacles (Large bolders)

16_week_9  00004

From the road I had to walk down a steep hill to capture some of the images.

16_week_9  00005

The road curves several times to escape this mountainous place.

16_week_9  00003

Communication is a mast.Some of the geeks reading this post will get this joke.

16_week_9  00001

Bonus images of my amazing blue sky.


16_week_9  00010

My post is never complete without some nature touch of beauty.

Till next week.Thank you for the read.



we don’t  take pictures we capture moments.