16_week_12  00001

Take One.

This night started with me looking for a whisk since thats what it said on the tutorial.

I did not lose hope I made my own whisk.I got some wire tired it into circle where I could place the steel wool.All I knew is that the wool needed to be held at the middle and lit so the sparks would be seen.

16_week_12  00003

Take two.

When i set the camera on the tripod and acquired the correct focus it was ready for the actual spinning.

16_week_12  00002

Take three.

It was time to get creative since I had only four small strands of steel wool.

16_week_12  00005

Take Four.

Me behind the wheel speed brought about some string effect.

16_week_12  00005

Take Five.

With no extra movement I got almost a replica of take four.

16_week_12  00007

Take Six.

Turning and turning I was determined to get a different pattern.

16_week_12  00006

Take Seven.

My favorite shot on this experiment.

I only took nine shots so the failure rate was 10%. Its a good feeling when you understand your camera, click and get the results.

This was exciting and I will definitely do it again going back to the net to look for more creativity.

The above was accomplished with two of my none photographer friends all that is needed is interest.

Quote by Aristotle: “Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.”

we don’t take picture we capture moments.