We don't take pictures, we capture moments.


April 2016

WEEK 16– Photoshoots part_3 Concepts

We are still on people three weeks in a row.

This week we were trying out Low Key photography using the dark side to create an image.

16_week_16 0002

16_week_16 0005

16_week_16 0006

Nothing is more exciting than testing new light concepts for the first time.

Next we tried high key photography  the total opposite of low key this is the method of using highlight to create an image.

16_week_16 0020

16_week_16 0021

16_week_16 0014

some colour splash was in order.

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we don’t take pictures we capture moments.

WEEK 15 – Photoshoots part_2

Procreation is one of the God given gift that brings joy to the people involved and the world as a whole.It gives an opportunity to a new being into the world.

It is an amazing experience and we are ready to capture those moments every stage of the way.

16_week_15 jm 0015

The joy is immense.Test shots getting to know the clients needs.Creating ambiance and an photography friendly environment are the first step.

16_week_15 jm 0012

Be happy for life.

Location!! Location!! Location!! step two.

Nature and natural light has a way bringing out the best of the subject.

16_week_15 jm 0014

Emotions run deep more that the eye can see.

16_week_15 jm 0023

16_week_15 jm 0007

Positioning and capture are straight from the photographers mind to create powerful shots that will keep memories running deep every time one views the pictures.

16_week_15 jm 0005

We all would not be in this world without this stage of life.

16_week_15 jm 0009

Some editing (colour splash) to bring drama into the photograph.

16_week_15 jm 0001

This has become one of my favorite editing techniques retro.

Give us a chance to digitize your memories and we will make sure you get the best.

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we don’t take pictures we capture moments.

WEEK 14 – Photoshoots part_1

16_week_15 joy  00022

This weeks project was a photo shoot for a model client.

As I love nature I convinced the client on the ideal spot, which was in nature its self.


16_week_15 joy  00007

Working with natural light is my favorite because all i have to do is pick a spot then work on positioning of the client, knowing the direction of light and most of all getting the ultimate camera setting to work with the current situation.

16_week_15 joy  00005

Basically I start with close ups which are mostly portraits.

16_week_15 joy  00018

On the editing end I like colour splash; this is playing with the different colours in the picture removing some, adding contrast to some to my own specification.

16_week_15 joy  00021

I call this one getting “within the green”.

16_week_15 joy  00019

This here is my favorite of this edition.I usually work from the viewfinder point of view so I spend more time on getting the shot right than in the editing phase.

16_week_15 joy  00026

16_week_15 joy  00011

16_week_15 joy  00025

According to me the colour splash technique I used in this last image made it more powerful in convening the fashion aspect of the shoot.

We at #nworksinc make sure to produce the best quality of pictures as well as having fun will creating the image as our slogan goes:

we don’t take pictures we capture moments.

WEEK 13 – Water body[lt]

The lt on the subjects means this post is late.

Last week I visited lake Naivasha for an awesome experience with my camera.

As we arrived around midday fishermen were busy cleaning there nets for the next deep.

16_week_13  00012

The whole water experience got me excited fortunately the county government of Nakuru have a tourist boat a way to bring income.

16_week_13  00010

I got a shot for her as the bird circled around fishing.

16_week_13  00019

We started the journey towards the large mass of water.The skies were blue and awesome.

16_week_13  00021

Some areas had cloud cover.

16_week_13  00027

16_week_13  00031

Hyacinth was also very rich in some areas.

16_week_13  00032

More birds were fishing.

16_week_13  00033

I got  a picture of the wing span.I like this shot.

we don’t take pictures we capture moments.


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