The lt on the subjects means this post is late.

Last week I visited lake Naivasha for an awesome experience with my camera.

As we arrived around midday fishermen were busy cleaning there nets for the next deep.

16_week_13  00012

The whole water experience got me excited fortunately the county government of Nakuru have a tourist boat a way to bring income.

16_week_13  00010

I got a shot for her as the bird circled around fishing.

16_week_13  00019

We started the journey towards the large mass of water.The skies were blue and awesome.

16_week_13  00021

Some areas had cloud cover.

16_week_13  00027

16_week_13  00031

Hyacinth was also very rich in some areas.

16_week_13  00032

More birds were fishing.

16_week_13  00033

I got  a picture of the wing span.I like this shot.

we don’t take pictures we capture moments.