16_week_15 joy  00022

This weeks project was a photo shoot for a model client.

As I love nature I convinced the client on the ideal spot, which was in nature its self.


16_week_15 joy  00007

Working with natural light is my favorite because all i have to do is pick a spot then work on positioning of the client, knowing the direction of light and most of all getting the ultimate camera setting to work with the current situation.

16_week_15 joy  00005

Basically I start with close ups which are mostly portraits.

16_week_15 joy  00018

On the editing end I like colour splash; this is playing with the different colours in the picture removing some, adding contrast to some to my own specification.

16_week_15 joy  00021

I call this one getting “within the green”.

16_week_15 joy  00019

This here is my favorite of this edition.I usually work from the viewfinder point of view so I spend more time on getting the shot right than in the editing phase.

16_week_15 joy  00026

16_week_15 joy  00011

16_week_15 joy  00025

According to me the colour splash technique I used in this last image made it more powerful in convening the fashion aspect of the shoot.

We at #nworksinc make sure to produce the best quality of pictures as well as having fun will creating the image as our slogan goes:

we don’t take pictures we capture moments.