Procreation is one of the God given gift that brings joy to the people involved and the world as a whole.It gives an opportunity to a new being into the world.

It is an amazing experience and we are ready to capture those moments every stage of the way.

16_week_15 jm 0015

The joy is immense.Test shots getting to know the clients needs.Creating ambiance and an photography friendly environment are the first step.

16_week_15 jm 0012

Be happy for life.

Location!! Location!! Location!! step two.

Nature and natural light has a way bringing out the best of the subject.

16_week_15 jm 0014

Emotions run deep more that the eye can see.

16_week_15 jm 0023

16_week_15 jm 0007

Positioning and capture are straight from the photographers mind to create powerful shots that will keep memories running deep every time one views the pictures.

16_week_15 jm 0005

We all would not be in this world without this stage of life.

16_week_15 jm 0009

Some editing (colour splash) to bring drama into the photograph.

16_week_15 jm 0001

This has become one of my favorite editing techniques retro.

Give us a chance to digitize your memories and we will make sure you get the best.

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we don’t take pictures we capture moments.