We don't take pictures, we capture moments.


June 2016


16_week_24 0019


The human capacity to act (or not to act) as we choose or prefer, without any external compulsion or restraint. Freedom in this sense is usually regarded as a presupposition of moral responsibility: the actions for which I may be praised or blamed, rewarded or punished, are just those which I perform freely.

I have never done a golden hour shoot and the results are for you to view, comment and most of all critic.We start with:


16_week_24 0005

16_week_24 0003

16_week_24 0006


16_week_24 0008

16_week_24 0020


16_week_24 0012

16_week_24 0013

16_week_24 0010


16_week_24 0016 16_week_24 0015

16_week_24 0014

Behind the scenes:

16_week_24 0021

Yes it was an aMAIZEing experience not forgetting the team, thank you people.

16_week_24 0023

Thank you for the read.

N/B: no animals where harmed in the making of this post at least not knowingly, plants not so sure 🙂

Be free especially in thought,you create your own limits – nworksinc

We don’t take pictures, we capture moments.



16_week_shiru 0004

We start with some portraits..

16_week_shiru 0006

Full colour no colour

16_week_shiru 0002

Then we went wide focusing on the subject.

16_week_shiru 0001


16_week_shiru 0017

16_week_shiru 0014

16_week_shiru 0013

16_week_shiru 0012

nworks edits by Anto kadry


Thank you for the read.

we don’t take pictures, we capture moments.


WEEK 21 – NO Colour Shoot

16_week_23 0023

Welcome to another post.

Our client in this case is one who loves monochrome pictures, so this was the main subject of our shoot.

16_week_23 0022

Some shade shots.

16_week_23 0013

The sun was blazing so I knew, I was to work with harsh light and so was my client.

16_week_23 0004

We used this to our advantage.

16_week_23 0006

To create.

16_week_23 0007

Some sited shots as well.

16_week_23 0030

16_week_23 0019

16_week_23 0031

16_week_23 0033

Now to the break all the rules section.#nworksinc #natureisalive

16_week_23 0003

16_week_23 0025

Always have fun in whatever you do and live in colour.

16_week_23 0035

Thank you for the read.Leave a comment.

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”― Ralph Waldo Emerson

we don’t take pictures, we capture moments.



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