We don't take pictures, we capture moments.


July 2016

WEEK 28 – Commercial Shoot

This week our client needed creative images for an audition on a commercial.

We love artistry, we got to it in two locations.

Location One:

1nwks_0728 0012 2nwks_0728 0016

Location two:

3nwks_0728 0027 4nwks_0728 0006 5nwks_0728 0007 6nwks_0728 0005 7nwks_0728 0025 8nwks_0728 0028 9nwks_0728 0030 10nwks_0728 0040

Some monochromes:

nwks_0728 0058 nwks_0728 0060 nwks_0728 0061-1

How deep is that river?

nwks_0728 0064

Editors pick:

nwks_0728 0064-1

A rare picture of the photographer:

nwks_0728 0065-1

Thank you for the read.

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We don’t take pictures, we capture moments.


WEEK 27 – Graduation in 14

One of our client/friend was graduating and nworks was invited see what we captured.


hiram 0003

hiram 0056

hiram 0100

hiram 0107

hiram 0137

hiram 0155

hiram 0172

hiram 0203a

hiram 0207

hiram 0212

hiram 0223

hiram 0225

hiram 0234

hiram 0228

Nothing better than ending an awesome day with a good laugh.

Thank you for the read.

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We don’t take pictures, we capture moments.


WEEK 26 – WEDDING in 15

This week we went for a wedding.

We were not the official photographers but a wise man once said if you have it use it.

A wedding in 15 pictures enjoy.

wedo_1 0036

wedo_1 0034

wedo_1 0045

wedo_1 0054

wedo_1 0058

wedo_1 0059

wedo_1 0068

wedo_1 0074

wedo_1 0075

wedo_1 0082

wedo_1 0092

wedo_1 0094

wedo_1 0113

wedo_1 0120

wedo_1 0122

wedo_1 0132

I know I said 15 one I just had to add if you know which one it is don’t tell anyone.

It’s great to be happy, but it’s even better to bring happiness to others.

we don’t take pictures, we capture moments.


model_1 0004

This week we had two models a challenge it was since we have never done such.

Lucky for us we like and face challenges head on.

model_1 0023

We started with simple serious poses.

model_1 0032

Then we started enjoying ourselves.

model_1 0025 model_1 0021

We got a few smiles from our client.

model_1 0018

Some seated poses.

model_1 0011

model_1 0012

A portrait.

model_1 0030

On to model number two.

model_2 0023

The light was awesome so it was time to shoot.

model_2 0014

Trying new ideas.

model_2 0019

model_2 0030

Standing poses.

model_2 0032 model_2 0034

model_2 0035

The sunset was here with us so we also took advantage of this.

model_2 0002


model_2 0004 model_2 0003

We can’t end without thanking the models and the crew.

model_2 0007

Thank you for the read.

We don’t take pictures, we capture moments.




16_week_26 0019

This week we had no model so we embarked on what we love best nature with emphasis in certain colour.

16_week_26 0015

16_week_26 0002

We love birds too.#angrybirds

16_week_26 0018

Then we head for the hills.

16_week_26 0004

An S curved road.

16_week_26 0010

A cloudy day this was.

16_week_26 0009

Evening was approaching soon it was time to get creative.

16_week_26 0021

See the light.

16_week_26 0023

16_week_26 0025

Lastly Editors choice Image of the week.

16_week_26 0013

Thank you for the read.

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we don’t take pictures, we capture moments.


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