model_1 0004

This week we had two models a challenge it was since we have never done such.

Lucky for us we like and face challenges head on.

model_1 0023

We started with simple serious poses.

model_1 0032

Then we started enjoying ourselves.

model_1 0025 model_1 0021

We got a few smiles from our client.

model_1 0018

Some seated poses.

model_1 0011

model_1 0012

A portrait.

model_1 0030

On to model number two.

model_2 0023

The light was awesome so it was time to shoot.

model_2 0014

Trying new ideas.

model_2 0019

model_2 0030

Standing poses.

model_2 0032 model_2 0034

model_2 0035

The sunset was here with us so we also took advantage of this.

model_2 0002


model_2 0004 model_2 0003

We can’t end without thanking the models and the crew.

model_2 0007

Thank you for the read.

We don’t take pictures, we capture moments.