This week we went for a wedding.

We were not the official photographers but a wise man once said if you have it use it.

A wedding in 15 pictures enjoy.

wedo_1 0036

wedo_1 0034

wedo_1 0045

wedo_1 0054

wedo_1 0058

wedo_1 0059

wedo_1 0068

wedo_1 0074

wedo_1 0075

wedo_1 0082

wedo_1 0092

wedo_1 0094

wedo_1 0113

wedo_1 0120

wedo_1 0122

wedo_1 0132

I know I said 15 one I just had to add if you know which one it is don’t tell anyone.

It’s great to be happy, but it’s even better to bring happiness to others.

we don’t take pictures, we capture moments.