This week we had a prominent person as our client, says she likes our work.

A short Introduction:

She is Jacinta Nganga “wathuku” , Chairlady Maendeleo ya Wanawake Muranga Kiharu

She is well known for TV mtaani project i.e donated televisions in selected areas for the general public to watch news and keep up to date with the county/country affairs and also provided shades for business people.She will be vying for MCA position Township ward Muranga.

Now to the matter in hand, we call the location semi outdoor since we took picture in the same area but different locations hence different light challenges.

The first location was an area with shade and light from one side.


A close up.


Some standing poses.



Location two was out in the open with direct sunlight.



We like to keep the poses and facial as simple and natural as possible.


And as always the editors favorite:


We believe this images bring out both the beauty and the power this amazing woman possesses.We wish her good luck in her endeavors.

Thank you for the read.

Please note this is not a political post.

We don’t take picture, we capture moments.