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  The sales team has been waiting for this moment. It is a creative team that comes up with new and unique product now you have a chance to see this as below. Leather wallets with engraving. nwks_160922-0021 nwks_160922-0019 nwks_160922-0022 wireOrgs: Keep you cables neat and organized in this digital age. The product is made of leather and slips into the cable so it never gets lost. nwks_160922-0010 nwks_160922-0003 nwks_160922-0004 For all kinds of cables. nwks_160922-0001 nwks_160922-0009 nwks_160922-0007 nwks_160922-0006 earOrgs. nwks_160922-0017 nwks_160922-0011 nwks_160922-0014 For product prices and enquiries follow us on instagram @nworks_sales or use the image below


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