We don't take pictures, we capture moments.


March 2017

Week Eight 2017 – Flying the Dream

Mathioya Flying Program is a first of its kind.

The program started in 2014 where over 100 candidates were interviewed and 45 passed and advanced to assessment tests at Oryl Airpark at Isinya Constituency, Kajiado County.
The dream of becoming a pilot was supported by Mathioya CDF.

Applicants specifications are:

  • ¬†University Degree
  • Age 22-25

In 2015 they graduated with Private Pilot’s License (PPL)and on 24th March 2017 graduated with Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL) as below

We started with a tour of the airplanes


Getting ready for an air show by the graduates.

The engines turned on.

They did some maneuvers.

After landing they follow the same procedure always.

The crew for Kenya police heading for their chopper for their show also.

The ceremony.

Mathioya MP Hon. Captain Clement Wambugu
Transport Principal Secretary Irungu Nyakera.

It was a jolly good time for everyone.

Ended with some cake.

This is a project by Mathioya MP Hon. Captain Clement Wambugu.

Congratulations to the MP and candidates for a successful program.

we don’t take pictures, we capture moments.

Week Seven 2017 – Long Exposure

“If learning is an act of exploration, then technology equips the explorer for the journey of a lifetime.” ~ Anonymous

Long exposure is a camera technique where you leave the shutter open for longer than a normal photograph making the camera record more light and below are some of the results.

Please note for good long exposure shots a tripod is mandatory.


Some cars dropping down hill, the red streaks are brake lights.

Head lights.

Here we slowed down the shutter speed to record more vehicle light activity.

A change in location and timing gave us different results.

Street light showing off there lighting skills.

Editors favourite:


Location: Mugoiri road | Muranga

Time: 21:00hrs

Whatever you do don’t stop learning.

we don’t take pictures, we capture moments.

Week Six 2017 – Murang’a County Initiative

We were invited to the 6th Annual Education Excellence Award Scheme on 24th Feb 2017, it provides scholarships to needy and brilliant students from Murang’a County.

The scheme is regarded as a way of giving a helping hand to the disadvantaged children in the county and to hopefully pull the mass of youth from desperation, destitution and sense of helplessness as quoted by MCI chairman Mr. Peter Munga, CBS.

A march from the MCI headquarters Mugama Building 2nd floor Murang’a Town.

The chief guest during the ceremony was the First Lady of the Republic of Kenya H.E. Margaret Kenyatta.

The ceremony was packed with student from different schools.


Mr. Peter Munga, CBS Chairman MCI
H.E. The First Lady of the Republic of Kenya, Margaret Kenyatta
Chairman’s Award to Ihumbu Primary.

Jane Kiano offers 1st Lady a gift.
Mumbi girls pose for a picture with the 1st Lady

Truly giving back to the community.

we don’t take pictures, we capture moments.

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