We don't take pictures, we capture moments.



WEEK 11 – Sunset

16_week_11  00005

Sunsets are always awesome, timing is everything.

We started just before the sun started going down.

16_week_11  00012

We could see the horizon since we were on an abandoned railway high above two hills.

16_week_11  00017

As we watched her go creativity got a hold of us.

16_week_11  00018

The railway shot was awesome.

16_week_11  00021

So was the side away from the sun.

Perfect light lines.

16_week_11  00023

We got even more creative with the silhouette16_week_11  00011

The railway in retro view.

Thats it for this week.

we don’t take pictures we capture moments.


WEEK 9 – My LandScape

16_week_9  00008

This weekend I decided to take a walk to #mathioya river #Muranga.

Must admit this area I visited is actually more beautiful that the pictures.

16_week_9  00007

It is very noisy because of the river running down hill facing obstacles (Large bolders)

16_week_9  00004

From the road I had to walk down a steep hill to capture some of the images.

16_week_9  00005

The road curves several times to escape this mountainous place.

16_week_9  00003

Communication is a mast.Some of the geeks reading this post will get this joke.

16_week_9  00001

Bonus images of my amazing blue sky.


16_week_9  00010

My post is never complete without some nature touch of beauty.

Till next week.Thank you for the read.



we don’t  take pictures we capture moments.


WEEK 6 – birDING

I got to test out a new lens this week and my subjects where birds.

16_week_6  00056

I have always wanted to take such shots.

16_week_6  00037

16_week_6  00008

This time i got them at close range.

16_week_6  00003

Took one while she was taking off.

16_week_6  00033

call it weaver day.

16_week_6  00059

Time for lunch.

16_week_6  00069

Ready set gooo….

Thank you for the likes.


we don’t take pictures we capture moments.


16_week_5  00005

Taking a walk and I see patterns in a matter of seconds I have saved the scene.

16_week_5  00031

Wild berries I have never noticed how full in colour these delicious fruits are until this moments.


16_week_5  00036

Its all about the light; direction,speed, colour,source and bounce.

A broken pipe gave me this image.

16_week_5  00041

The world/energy/drive within us is larger than life.

16_week_5  00039

#light source and shadows.

16_week_5  00019

Roads with green.

16_week_5  00034

My favorite picture of the day.



we don’t take pictures we capture moments.



WEEK 4 -Out in the wild

16_week_4a  0000116_week_4a  00002

My day started simply a walk through the woods. The Light was perfect with awesome scenery and nature all around me.

The weather was calm and lots of butterflies around but I was only able to capture a few.

16_week_4a  00009

#natureisalive I was amazed by how thick this cobweb was just wondering how long it took the little bugger that was not home to make this magnificent work of architecture.

16_week_4a  00011

The skies where blue and the vegetation green.

16_week_4a  00012

The water body gives sufficient soil moisture for the green to pop.This was an awesome site.

16_week_4a  00013


16_week_4a  0002516_week_4a  00023

The green was alive.Healthy plantations.

16_week_4a  00021

It was time to call it a day and I was there to capture the sun going down.

16_week_4a  00029

Yellow and blue this is when the sun went down.


we don’t take pictures we capture moments.

WEEK 48 – skyFALL

week 48 00011

I have been told pictures of the sky are too common but my skies are always awesome and my camera is always ready.

week 48 00009

Sunset with a touch of cool.

week 48 00004

Lens zoom technique am getting fond of this one.

week 48 00003


week 48 00017

Clarity and finesse.

week 48 00008

week 48 00012

angle shot.

we don’t take pictures we capture moments.


week 38 0012

The sky was blue the nature was greener and a fully charged camera it was time for the test.

week 38 0013

This image contains a bit of vignette to focus more on the center of the picture.

week 38 0010

week 38 0001

I had accompaniment by the birds i also got reflective images of them.

week 38 0003

Getting the most out of the white cloud.

week 38 0018

No reflection on this picture what I liked was the contrast.

week 38 0004

Thats it for this week.Awesome shooting fellow photographers.

we don’t take pictures we capture moments.


week 31 0010

Composition method filling the frame bringing a nice clear picture.

week 31 0013

Composition method patterns with a shallow DOF

week 31 0014

Shallow Depth of focus blurring out the bride and groom dancing.

A beautiful dance.

week 31 0011

More on rule of thirds and colour combination.

week 31 0015

Over exposure.

week 31 0019

Composition following the rule of thirds.

week 31 0018

Emphasis in the art of natural beauty a railway sign a few decades old.

We don’t take pictures we capture moments.


week 28 0013

Another week another project.

This week its all about a place I visited and found this abandoned railway.

week 28 0011

Taking my camera for a walk.

week 28 0012

Patterns and composition was the lesson of the day.

week 28 0007

Living life at the edge.

week 28 0008

Travel to infinity.

week 28 0010

week 28 0014

Playing with camera angles.

week 28 0017

week 28 0002

The intersection with some colour shifting.

Thats all for this week.


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