We don't take pictures, we capture moments.



WEEK 39 – jacarandaChallenge

#jacaranda_challenge by @james_octavian8


One of our fans gave us this challenge and since its only a walk away we took it full on.We always try to do something unique




trees are life.161013-0020 161013-0011

The purple in nature. #natureisalive


Some few low angle shots.



High angle shots also:

161013-0015 161013-0014 161013-0027 161013-0017I happened to witness an awesome sunset later that evening what do you think?


A continuation of the sunset on our next post stay tuned/subscribed.

Not forgetting the editor favourite.


Thank you for the read.

And I do accept challenges requests @nworksinc on instagram.

We don’t take pictures, we capture moments.




week 46 00004

I love reflections this week I focus on non cropped images during post processing.

week 46 00008

The beauty of the photograph is within.

week 46 00001

Some monochrome work.

week 46 00002

week 46 00003

Reflections in monochrome.

week 46 00005

week 46 00007

Growth in composition and creativity is inevitable.

we don’t take pictures we capture moments.


Hello good people.

week 40 0032

This week I went at an event #intameet and had an awesome time taking portraits.

The most photographed house in africa #african heritage

week 40 0015

All in monochrome.

week 40 0013

meet up with other kenyan photographers.

week 40 0026

I have become fond of monochrome the settings on camera must be precise.

week 40 0025

week 40 0024

This came in both colour and mono I could not help but show the actual colour coordination.

week 40 0030

This was unattended.A loaded gun.

week 40 0039

the sun set was amazing

week 40 0038

we don’t take pictures we capture moments.


week 38 0012

The sky was blue the nature was greener and a fully charged camera it was time for the test.

week 38 0013

This image contains a bit of vignette to focus more on the center of the picture.

week 38 0010

week 38 0001

I had accompaniment by the birds i also got reflective images of them.

week 38 0003

Getting the most out of the white cloud.

week 38 0018

No reflection on this picture what I liked was the contrast.

week 38 0004

Thats it for this week.Awesome shooting fellow photographers.

we don’t take pictures we capture moments.


week 37 0003

when the clouds look awesome and all you got is your phone.

week 37 0002

All I think of is photography I see pictures everywhere I go.

week 37 0008

I use this as a moment of meditation.

week 37 0001

The images are as raw as they get but is it really unedited?

With the camera processing the image to jpeg format change in colour,contrast and other factors I think an unedited pictures are just a myth especially in this digital age.

week 37 0005

week 37 0004

week 37 0009

we don’t take pictures we capture moment.

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