We don't take pictures, we capture moments.



MAYA Gardens Sagana

We got to go on a package by Maya Gardens Sagana, an awesome hangout joint.

This time they were heading for Mwea National Reserve.

Enjoy the visual trip.

After the trip we head back to Maya Gardens and ended the day with an awesome sunset view.

Contact us for more info on Maya Gardens packages and accommodations.

we don’t take pictures, we capture moments.



WEEK 32 – Nature at 300mm

nwks_0826 0012

So I met this reptile guy and he was very curious of what I was holding, he decided to come closer.

nwks_0826 0005

After a while he wasn’t to excited and decided to give me the the look.

nwks_0826 0008

A friend of his also came through.

nwks_0826 0010

And also he left shortly after..

nwks_0826 0009

At this time Gim (yes I gave him a name) was still basking at the sun, being a reptile and all he always wants to be the hot one so I turned the lenses back to him.

nwks_0826 0011

He noticed immediately and turned towards me.

nwks_0826 0013

This is the story of the reptile and the bird ooh the bird is below.

nwks_0826 0002

Not sure if she was eating or picking up building material but she also gave me the eye.

nwks_0826 0001

That’s when I parked my equipment and called it a day or a story or a shoot.

300mm so much closer to nature and its stories.

Thank you for the read hoped you enjoyed it.

We don’t take pictures, we capture moments.

WEEK 7 – The SKY

16_week_7  00023

Shadows are an important aspect of photography and this time i was playing with them.

16_week_7  00028

Star struck sun.

16_week_7  00015

we love the ground view also.

16_week_7  00012

But not as much as the sky.

16_week_7  00019

16_week_7  00021

Its always a good day for photography.


we don’t take pictures we capture moments.


week 27w 0016

Nature photography takes me to places I don’t think I can get anywhere else.

I am an artist my viewfinder is my canvas and with some post processing am able to communicate beauty.

week 27w 0010

Colour contrast, soft focus patterns words that describe composition.

week 27w 0013

Beauty lies in the hands of the camera holder.

week 27w 0019

I am always amazed on how simple this weekly projects start with a blank mind and a walk in the woods.

week 27w 0026

week 27w 0011

post processing – colour shift

week 27w 0021

All the pictures were taken using an 18-55mm lens need to get a macro lens one of this days.

week 27w 0038

Bonus image to show how busy I was pun intended.



week 22 0005

I came across some monkeys while at a shoot and got distracted.

It was the first opportunity to take pictures of wildlife.

week 22 0001

This guy had to show me how to lick a lollipop after stealing it from my table.

week 22 0004 week 22  0002

Feeding time.

week 22 0008

week 22 0006

week 22 0007

The wise one.

week 22 0009

The results.


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